Dr. Saif Ahmad

Scientist, Inventor, Engineer

Dr. Saif Ahmad

Scientist, Inventor, Engineer


Complex physiological systems like the human body exhibit considerable chaos and variability in health and illness. The behaviors, patterns, and noise characterizing these systems defy the laws of linearity, reductionism, and classical homeostasis.

The analysis of physiological systems based on theories and insights adapted from complex systems science, computer science, and interactive decision support systems promises to have a far-reaching influence on biology and medicine. Dr. Saif Ahmad’s research focus is on this emerging area of science and technology that transcends across disciplines to solve the most challenging problems.

This work includes the development of modern medical devices and intelligent algorithms for analyzing and assessing the characteristics of complex physiological systems.

The research outcomes promise to provide accurate and effective insights into human health, fitness, and longevity.


Chief Scientist

Healthsign, Canada
2018 - Present

With over 16 years of experience in the medical devices industry in Canada, Dr. Ahmad leads the R&D efforts at Healthsign. He works on all aspects of conceptualizing, designing, and developing innovative health monitoring devices. Dr. Ahmad also architects novel signal processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and statistical analysis algorithms that analyze physiological data for providing diagnostics and alerts.

At Healthsign, Dr. Ahmad and his team have developed the patented Healthsign Smart Wristband, which is the first wearable that integrates proprietary biosensors and algorithms to accurately monitor key human vital signs including non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), temperature, respiration rate, and heart rate.

Founder & CEO

Saiftron, Canada
2016 - Present

Saiftron is a Canadian federal corporation focusing on the development of highly interactive health, fitness, and educational applications that accomplish advanced data analysis on mobile devices, leading to convenient and accurate decision-making.

As Founder & CEO of Saiftron, Dr. Ahmad’s vision is to bring technologies like digital signal processing (DSP), intelligent algorithms, pattern recognition, and statistical analysis to smartphones and smartwatches, thus enabling these devices to be used: (i) as powerful decision support systems and (ii) for disseminating knowledge to a wide audience.

Currently, Saiftron has two applications on the Apple App Store called Wave Whiz and ECG Wiz. While Wave Whiz is a comprehensive wavelet analysis suite, ECG Wiz is an interactive DSP tool for re-sampling, filtering, peak detection, and heart rate variability analysis.

Biomedical Scientist

University of Ottawa, Canada
2009 - 2016

At the University of Ottawa, Dr. Ahmad worked on developing novel biosensors, instrumentation, and algorithms for non-invasively monitoring physiological parameters like NIBP, electrocardiogram (ECG), respiration, bioelectrical impedance, cardiac output, arterial stiffness, pulse rate variability, and SpO2.

Dr. Saif Ahmad’s work at the University of Ottawa led to the development of the patented ECG-assisted blood pressure monitoring technology that was geared towards accurate measurement of systolic, diastolic, and mean arterial pressure in patients with the most challenging chronic conditions like atrial fibrillation (AF) and heart failure.

Dr. Ahmad was also the co-founder and CTO of a University of Ottawa spin-off called Health Parametrics Inc. (HPI) that was launched in 2011 to commercialize the ECG-assisted blood pressure monitoring technology. At HPI, Dr. Ahmad and his team successfully developed four industrial grade prototypes of the ECG-assisted blood pressure monitor. Results of clinical studies on normal subjects and AF patients were promising whereby HPI’s technology was found to be more accurate than commercially available reference devices for assessing blood pressure.

During his stint at the University of Ottawa, Dr. Ahmad and colleagues published over 15 research articles in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings.

Postdoctoral Fellow

The Ottawa Hospital, Canada
2006 - 2009

During his postdoctoral work at The Ottawa Hospital, Dr. Ahmad developed and employed a plurality of mathematical, statistical, and computational techniques for exploring the diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic value of monitoring physiological dynamics like heart rate variability and respiratory variability. In particular, he developed algorithms for computing metrics such as wavelet variance, detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA), approximate entropy (ApEn), sample entropy (SampEn), multiscale entropy (MSE), fast Fourier transform (FFT), Poincaré plot analysis, power law analysis, and time irreversibility. He then utilized these metrics to analyze ECG and respiratory airflow data for characterizing cardiopulmonary variability in: (i) healthy subjects during exercise, (ii) critically ill patients in the intensive care unit (ICU), and (iii) sick outpatients.

Of note was the THRIVE (Temperature and Heart Rate Investigation along with Continuous Variability Evaluation) study whereby Dr. Ahmad and his team employed Holter monitors in conjunction with specialized multiparameter heart rate variability analysis algorithms to predict the onset of sepsis 24-48 hours prior to its clinical diagnosis in neutropenic bone marrow transplant (BMT) outpatients. Results of the THRIVE investigation were published in PLoS One. Moreover, the study was also accorded front page coverage in the Ottawa Citizen.

Electrical Engineer

Tata Chemicals, India
1997 - 2000

Dr. Ahmad’s key engineering and management activities at Tata Chemicals included the following:

  1. Working with a team of engineers, technicians, and contractors for installing, commissioning, testing, operating, troubleshooting, and maintaining electrical equipment: gas turbine generators (2 x 25 megawatts), diesel generator sets (up to 400 kilo-volt amperes), low tension (LT) and high tension (HT) alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) motors, LT & HT transformers, LT & HT switchboards with air and vacuum circuit breakers.
  2. Managing a team of engineers and technicians as shift in-charge to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation of plant equipment and machinery.
  3. Managing spare parts inventory through regular audits and timely procurement of mission critical components to minimize supply-chain vulnerabilities.
  4. Working with a team of engineers, technicians, and consultants to successfully obtain ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certifications for the organization.

Publications & Talks


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Invited Talks

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